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More Than Just a Night Out

About our Restaurant

More Than Just a Night Out

Few words about us

Back in the day, the tradition of drinking and eating establishments were to foster community and connect people across generations. Well Jitterbugz Pub & Lounge is no different. With our hand-crafted list of delicious cocktails and spirits; our casual and friendly atmosphere and our delicious gourmet food, we’ve proved again and again that we are the greatest Pub in Centurion.
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"serve with a smile !!!"

Service excellence

In the restaurant industry, good service means a friendly & welcoming service. A restaurant owner should not merely strive to avoid bad service, but should positively strive to encourage the exceptional service that occurs when service workers take a genuine interest in their customers.

Waiters and hosts might ask customers about their day, help them make food choices and give customers compliments. Our restaurant owners encourage this kind of good service by honoring employees who are exceptionally gifted.

Sometimes, good customer service simply means being available. Customers who can see managers, hosts and serving staff are more likely to give employees the opportunity to provide good customer service by making requests. Many diners are hesitant to actually walk into the bar or to the counter to ask for something, and a customer should never have to ask. Just by being visible, you make customers feel they are having a better experience because they know if they need something, you’re right there, available to help.

Customers can get good food and decent customer service almost anywhere. What sets our restaurant apart is we’re willing to go above and beyond to be exceptional. Restaurant employees can practice this kind of customer service by being willing to make special creations for guests and engaging in other little practices that show they are going above and beyond the competition.

At JitterBugz our focus will always be our customer.
Hence our motto is to be available, be exceptional and serve with a smile !!!

"team work makes the dream work”

Our team

The goal of any restaurant and foodservice establishment is to provide high-quality meals and excellent service to customers while that the operation can make a profit. This goal can only be achieved with the cooperation and support of all of the staff. A restaurant only succeeds when owners, management and staff form a cohesive team, so too does a restaurant only succeed when the staff forms a working team with the same dreams or goals.

When your team comes together to solve a problem, they come up with more creative and flexible solutions than individuals. In our restaurant, excellent food and service is always a team effort. If the meal is not well prepared or if the service is poor, the customer may not enjoy the dining experience. All members of the team have a role in making the customers experience memorable and extraordinary.

Being part of our team means being respectful to all other members for their particular role and duties. When the entire group sees itself as having a common set of goals to achieve, and each member of the team understands his or her contribution to the overall team effort, the best results are achieved.
Our team’s management have years of experience, our team will walk the extra mile for our customers and believes in “teamwork will make the dream work”

"more than just a pub lunch”

Creative and talented Chefs

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